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Gorgasm IV: Unreleased Horror

Well ghouls, Halloween 2013 has come and gone.  If you follow CTRL_ALT_DSTRY on Facebook you may have caught the new track released as part of +Electronic Musicians Group's 'The Last Halloween Vol. II' compilation album.  As usual the news didn't make it over here till late.  Yes, neglected like an unwanted child yet again.  If '80s Ministry has taught us anything though, it is that "Halloween is Everyday" so here for your listening displeasure is the previously unreleased track 'Gorgasm IV'.  Yet another take on the Gorgasm theme but this time with an '80s horror score spin utilizing emulations of 1970s/1980s synthesizers and 808/909 drum machine samples.  Roll the film...

Of coarse being an Electronic Musicians Group release this is but one track of many by multiple fantastic artists.  It gets darker still!  Download the entire compilation album(and more) for free on EMG's BandCamp site.


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