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Been a while since there has been any CTRL_ALT_DSTRY news...  and there isn't too much now but here are a few crumbs of information.  Slowly making headway on the Gorgasm album.  This project tends to take the backseat to all the other things going on(EMG Radio Podcast, Three Blind Minds, Substance short film, etc...).

A few new remixes have been completed for other artists though so when they drop they will surely be added to the growing collection on the remix page.  Pretty proud of these mixes, particularly a remix of an as-of-yet unreleased +autonami track.  Currently working on a mix for Space Disc Jockey's "Super Producer" remix contest.  The chosen track will be featured on his upcoming album and the track title will be the winning artist's name.  However, competition is pretty stiff for the #1 spot(*cough* +autonami *cough*) but we may be able to talk SDJ into releasing a remix album featuring the runners up tracks.

One last piece of possible interest is that Three Blind Minds has began moving forward on a new album after over a year since their last release.  Given that CTRL_ALT_DSTRY is 1/3 of 3BM this may signal an even longer wait for Gorgasm (sorry) but hey, good music is good music and the new stuff to come out of the 3BM studio is very exciting.  Here is a very early demo track from Three Blind Minds:


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