Friday, July 31, 2015

Blood - New Album Available Now!

My new album 'Blood' is out today! Another 1980s inspired retrosynth album, this time pulling inspiration from 80s vampire films like Near Dark and Fright Night. The whole concept was kicked off by the track 'Two Hours Till Dusk' that I wrote and produced as part of the Synthwave Producers "2 Hours or Less" challenge on SoundCloud. Surprised by the tone of the track I decided to expand the idea into 'Blood'. Dropping the two hour restriction, of course (turned into more like 7 months).

'Blood' features remastered versions of 'Two Hours Till Dusk" and well as "Professor Pyg and the Dollotrons" (renamed simply "Dollotron") previously released on the Batman of the Synth compilation album. "Night Chill", a personal favorite, was also previously released on the EMG 2.0 compilation album though written specifically for this album. You can find several more original, never before heard songs that I feel round out the mood of the album and add some nice variation to the overall sound. The album ends on five, yes five, killer remixes by fantastic synthwave artists The Warhorse, Panda P.I., Perfect Science, and Arick Szymecki (Bernhardt Morgue).

Available for high quality digital download and/or free streaming via my Bandcamp page and coming soon to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Digital, and all your favorite streaming services! Enjoy, it's finger licking good!

Album art features images from EK-StockPhotos.

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