Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Next Peak Vol. II (Twin Peaks Tribute)

Last month Retro Promenade, Lucy Black, and a whole host of other fine people in the synthwave community released The Next Peak Vol. I, a Twin Peaks tribute compilation album.  The album got some really great write-ups all over the internet. Sadly, I didn't come across the project until after the deadline to get in on it. However, the album is AMAZING! It is a truly fantastic collection of artists and the compilation even rode high as the best selling album on Bandcamp for several days.

While volume 1 focused on covers of music from the television series and movie, volume 2 features remixes and reworkings of Twin Peaks music.  OF COURSE I JUMPED ON THAT!

The Next Peak Vol. II came out this week and it is magnificent! I am proud to be apart of the album right along side with fantastic synthwave artists Protector 101, Gridscape, 20SIX Hundred... all of the artists are great and put together some unique takes on the music. Check it out!

Also be on the lookout February 17th, 2015 for Vol. 3 which will featuring original tracks inspired by the iconic show (btw, how excited are you all for the return of Twin Peaks to television!?).

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