Sunday, December 14, 2014

Batman of the Synth!

Batman and Synthwave! Seriously, how can it get better than that!? Was lucky enough to get in on the "Batman of the Synth" compilation album project and it turned out amazing. 37 artists contributed tracks, each inspired by a different Batman character. This album contains many of the very best musicians and producers working in the genre!

Here is the whole album, released by Retro Promenade, because it is solid listen from start to finish. Available to download for free (or donation). I contributed "Professor Pyg & His Dollotrons", a bizarre song for a bizarre villain.

Retro Promenade says...
What if there was a Gotham city wherein the characters you know and love don't actually physically fight each other? What if they never even physically interacted with each other?

Batman of the Synth is a complete re-imagning of the Gotham City universe in which these vigilant, these strange, and these (often-times) psychotically insane characters battle each other with music.

Instead of meeting up to fight in dark alleys at 3am, what if they all composed and produced 80s inspired retro synth music and emailed/texted/chatted each other their music tracks in attempts to one-up each other or to communicate and ask for help from each other? If that idea is too silly to wrap your head around, well we've got a helluva compilation for you...

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