Friday, December 5, 2014

20SIX HUNDRED Remixes!

The wickedly talented synthwave artist 20SIX HUNDRED is releasing his next full length album on December 12th and I was fortunate enough to work on a pair of remixes for the release! The album is titled 'The Next Level' and is available for pre-order (or buy if you are reading this after Dec. 12th, 2014) in digital and physical CD on the 20SIX HUNDRED Bandcamp page.

I'm am ecstatic that he opted to include BOTH remixes on the album. The original songs are so solid that remixing them was a pleasure. No matter how you pull them apart and put them back together again they sound great. He even gave me permission to post the remixes on the CTRL_ALT_DSTRY SoundCloud! Take a listen.

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